Presseclub Concorcia
When thoughts are dancing, feet will not stay still.”

Due to current restrictions in public life, the 2022 Concordia Ball
will be rescheduled to Friday, May 20th

Tickets already purchased remain valid for the new date.
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If you have questions, contact our ball office.
You can reach us by email at

Entrance Ticket(s)

"Some came to see, others to be seen."

Seating Tickets

We recommend to book table seat tickets. Enjoy the unique atmosphere in the Festivall Hall and the proximity to our two Ballroom Dance Orchestras, secure the best view of the dancing couples with your seat in the gallery or enjoy the intimate atmosphere in the adjoining rooms.

Please note that, without exception, only two table seats are sold together.

Festival Hall/Loge Table Seat: Loge Table Seats on request.
Festival Hall/Table Seat: 50,00 / Seat
Festival Hall/Gallery Table Seat: 40,00 / Seat
Senate Chamber/Table Seat: 40,00 / Seat
Stone Hall I/Table Seat: 40,00 / Seat

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